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Subject: Jehovas Witness
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paulster 6.07.09 - 08:11pm
Can u tell me are Jehovas Witness to do with Christianity? I once heard that these people believe that 2nd coming of Christ was back in 1914.. Is that true? Because it sounds all secretly. *

enryu 6.07.09 - 11:38pm
these are them guys who go around knocking your doors yea, they have a different view of things. im sure they believe that hell is at the grave and or it is just the pain and or suffering in the world. i dont think they got anything to do with christianity as these guys dont read the bible or go to church yea man. *

wjd 7.07.09 - 10:04am
They actually have their own church. and they do believe in Jesus Christ and that he died on the cross, but they don't believe that he rose from the grave! *

tsi 4.09.09 - 06:51pm
According to the JW'S book WHAT DOES THE BIBLE REALLY TEACH? p.73, GOD ressurrected Jesus from the dead. Therefore purpoting that JWs dont believe Jesus rose from the dead is wrong. I find fault with some of the JW's teachings, but that does not make me a better christian than JW followers. So let JWs do their Job and do yours as well *

papidad 4.09.09 - 11:04pm
Tsi how does a JW get d assurance of salvation *

wjd 7.09.09 - 07:33am
yes what assures them? *

tsi 8.09.09 - 06:28am
Am no JW so I refer U to the already said book. In it the JW believe that baptism is the beginning of salvation, though it does not guarantee salvation in itself (p.183). Salvation is to be continuously worked out with fear and trembling. Steps leading to baptism begin with taking in knowledge and showing faith *

tsi 8.09.09 - 06:56am
Assurance of salvation is in repentance, conversion and dedication of oneself to God. Read p.183 of JW's book and entire chapter 18 it gives more details of what I have said here *

papidad 10.09.09 - 06:17am
Plis use Bible refrences n not your literature... Eph2:8-10 reveal hw salvation comes... cn u quote wat pg 18 sez *

papidad 10.09.09 - 06:21am
Wen does one lose their salvation *

tsi 10.09.09 - 11:43am
I was answering a question about JW's view of assurance of salvation, thats why I had to quote their own book. Infact there are many Bible references in the same book. JWs like any other christians do use the Bible too *

tsi 10.09.09 - 12:30pm
The fact that salvation is a free gift of God does not mean we do nothing to be saved. Perhaps if you can read Eph.5:1-33, it highlights on what I believe a saved life should endeavor to live upto. In Eph.6:17 we are urged to take up helmet of salvation, that signifies effort. In short salvation does not Just come, you have to get it *

papidad 10.09.09 - 12:38pm
Tht is where u r wrong Tsi... U CN DO NOTHING TO GET SAVED OR ELSE JESUS WOULDNT NEED TO COME... read Isaiah1:1ff... *

papidad 10.09.09 - 12:40pm
Understand the bckground of Ephesians to knw wat Paul was sayin in chapters 5n6... IT IS NOT BY WORKS MAN! *

papidad 10.09.09 - 12:47pm
Am gonna highlight 2scriptures in Ephesians tht precisely shw our works r IN the Lord n don contribute to our salvation *

papidad 10.09.09 - 12:59pm
Maybe lets list all IN THE LORD or its implications in Eph verses n see 1:3,4,7,11,13,17-20: 2:6-10,13-16,19-22; 3:10-12 *

papidad 10.09.09 - 01:01pm
3: N 4 n to d end u will see tht d emphasis is to do it IN HIM... not tht it buys yo salvation bt it glorifies God... *

papidad 10.09.09 - 01:03pm
Among d letters of Paul , Ephesians was written to encourage d church to grow deeper into fellowship wit Christ n anthr *

papidad 10.09.09 - 01:04pm
Bein cautious tht d enemy wld com n thus th amor section whr Paul emphasises not to wage war agnst flesh n blood n stand *

papidad 10.09.09 - 01:09pm
Accordin to JWs was Jesus a god or God? Did he die n ressurect in flesh? Who will qualify for eternal life n how? *

tsi 10.09.09 - 08:24pm
Wash yourselves; make yourselves clean; remove the evil of your doings; learn to do good; seek Justice, correct oppression ...if you are willing and obedient you shall eat the good of the land... [Isa.1:16-20]. Does this tell us to do nothing to be saved? Infact the Bible in Phil.2:12,13 explicitly tells us to work out our own salvation *

papidad 10.09.09 - 10:37pm
Tsi tht is y I gave u d chance to look deep into d bk of ephesians... I bcame a Christian frm readin Isaiah 1:18,19. *

papidad 10.09.09 - 10:39pm
Chapter one of Isaiah tlks of d works ppl try to do to earn salvation bt 18n 19 reveal God callin us so as we c HIS WAY *

papidad 10.09.09 - 10:42pm
Phil 2 is a culmination of Chp1... where others had preachd to put more trouble for Paul n he finishes d chapter b syin *

papidad 10.09.09 - 10:44pm
Liv a life worth of d callin of God upn u 2 takin d same att as tht of JC. Chpt3 not cnsidrin tht u hv md it bt press on *

papidad 10.09.09 - 10:46pm
He sayzbe ware of those dogs those mutilators of flesh... ppl tht think they cld earn salvation b wrks. In chpt4 he ... *

papidad 10.09.09 - 10:48pm
Concludes by urgin reconciliation n growin in prayer n in purity n joy n in 8-9... Works hv their place bt cnt earn nthn *

papidad 10.09.09 - 10:49pm
Wld u plis now answer my questions on d previous page *

tsi 13.09.09 - 02:23pm
papidad, I've read your comments and references, one important thing U brought out was how U became a christian yourself, U said U had to read Isa.1:18,19. I gues what followed and the salvation U hold today can be attributed to that moment. We need the knowledge of GOD to be saved (Hosea4:6-9) and so U need to study the word of GOD *

tsi 13.09.09 - 05:35pm
Rom.1:16 says the gospel is the power of God for salvation. And how do U get this power, by doing nothing? I believe its by reading God's word and endeavouring to do what it says *

papidad 14.09.09 - 11:57am
I take time to study the word and that is why when you try to bring things not connected to the Bible... I can't agree with you. That is how I met the LORD- Say my Damascus experience. I have asked you questions and you have not answered. I want to explicitly say that God hates religion but desires the heart to heart relationship with us. In Hosea too he calls the by names showing them forsaking the relationship... Nothing can buy the salvation... Look/study Hebrews well and be amazed. don't study the Bible with the perspective from your denomination or what it teaches... Take time to study wide Bro. *

papidad 14.09.09 - 12:01pm
SO U say I can do things my way into Gods Kingdom? *

tsi 15.09.09 - 06:40am
Not really, rather I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me. Each day has its tasks, and if we dont do the tasks for each day in its day, we fling away life. God gives us each sufficient strength to do His will and walk in His ways; if we do not do His will, its because our hands are too slack we fail to take His sufficiency *

papidad 15.09.09 - 07:37am
These things I agree cn only be done in d strength n power he gives.
It is in him tht we do it... allow me to giv this *

papidad 15.09.09 - 07:39am
Lets assume u have a farm n workers... then u notice one whom u never employed workin so hard. By d end of d week is he *

papidad 15.09.09 - 07:41am
entitled to any pay? noo.GIF He is not a part of u... same with being a christian... Many try to keep d comandments n do.. *

papidad 15.09.09 - 07:44am
Wat is right n writn in d Bible... BUT THEY ARENT DOING IT IN CHRIST. How cn they expect eternal life... It is only ... *

papidad 15.09.09 - 07:45am
In Christ tht we can b empowered to do God's work God's way. *

tsi 15.09.09 - 11:23am
True, the illustration given papidad. Now we go back to the questions you accused me of eluding. But first I want to state again that am not a member of the JW. However, you may know that JW literature is about the most accessible of religious information in the world and so I read it to know the truth about JWs. Its no good to tell lies *

tsi 15.09.09 - 11:43am
Jesus once asked; Why do you call me Lord, and not do what I tell you? (Luke 6:46ff). Am sure today He could ask us the same question, but in places of Lord He would put God, or Christ, or Son of God among other phrases we may use to call Jesus. But the most important thing is to do what He says through the good news of the Bible *

tsi 15.09.09 - 12:03pm
What I know is that the JW have not said Jesus is God or a god and neither did Jesus say I'm God. However, what they do say is that Jesus is the Messiah and Christ (Chapter 4 of their book) *

papidad 15.09.09 - 01:23pm
Tsi I am happy to hear tht u r not part of d JW... I however hvnt sed our work don matter b4 God. All am sayin as per... *

papidad 15.09.09 - 01:24pm
Iluustration... Only dem tht hv an agreemnt with u in yo farm get paid for their work... Good as u say many will come... *

papidad 15.09.09 - 01:26pm
Me sayin lorld lord hv we not... n he shall- asuredly- say unto em depart frm me ye WORKERS of iniquity. My emphasis ... *

papidad 15.09.09 - 01:28pm
NOTHING can buy us salvation save for d finished work of Christ on d cross. Our work is secondary in d kingdom of God... *

papidad 15.09.09 - 01:30pm
I think d Jehovah's Witness may have d most available literature on earth but it don mk em right bcz of acessibility... *

papidad 15.09.09 - 01:32pm
There lives may b exemplary in some ways bt if it is for d buyin of salvation they hav misd d mark. James clearly says.. *

papidad 15.09.09 - 01:33pm
Fait without works is dead n works without faith is incomplete. D JWs forsake some fundamental Christian doctrines to b *

papidad 15.09.09 - 01:35pm
CHRISTIANS... finally please in d religion n belief forum look at my topic MARKS OF A CULT. It will help u I hope. *

tsi 16.09.09 - 08:32pm
It is a christian duty to convert sinners; instruct the ignorant; counsel the doubtful; comfort the sorrowful; bear wrongs patiently; forgive injuries; feed the hungry; cloth the naked; and care for the sick (Mt.25:35ff). Christianity is not Just about spirituality, its also about service (Mk.9:35ff) *

papidad 16.09.09 - 09:25pm
wrong spiritual concepts bring wrong perceptions of God and wrong perceptions of God lead to wrong perception for the purpose of life n thus wrong living *

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