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Subject: Introduce Yourself
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fursa 26.10.09 - 02:33pm
Sure wjd... we r allher to learn... welcome.GIF Samantha n we hope tht yo gifts will b used here for d buildin of all *

monarch5 26.10.09 - 11:40pm
hug.GIFi am still learning. Alot is hard to understand. But as i continue to read the bible, God reveals to me what i need to know. Its painstakingly slow. But its teachng me slowly. *

endtimes 27.10.09 - 04:46am
Welcome broknhrt welcome.GIF i hope you are blessed by this group. Hello sis Monarch5 hug.GIF *

monarch5 27.10.09 - 04:19pm
Hi endtimes. How r u? Hope u are wellairkiss.GIF *

n1ck 27.10.09 - 04:28pm
Hi Brknhrt, its great to have you here. cuddle.GIF *

monarch5 28.10.09 - 01:04am
Hi brknheart and nickhug.GIF *

n1ck 28.10.09 - 03:44am
hug.GIF Hey monarch5, I trust you are well? *

iilmadme 28.10.09 - 04:59am
Welcome broknhrt :) n wave.GIF evryone x *

bail 29.10.09 - 07:37am
Praise God! Alleluya! this is the place to be! am happy for the Lord Jesus for He bails me evry day out of the snares *

bail 29.10.09 - 07:47am
My name is Christine. thanx nick 4 this session. I luv Jesus en want to share abt Him with His people. am a poet/adminis *

endtimes 30.10.09 - 04:26am
Praise the Lord for this group where we can gather together and share blossom.GIF *

n1ck 30.10.09 - 06:35am
Thanks so much for joining us Bail! I am sure I speak for all of us when I say that it would be great to read your poetry if you would like to share. Feel free to post topics to your heart's content. *

monarch5 30.10.09 - 03:38pm
Hi bail endtimes lilmad nickairkiss.GIF *

bail 31.10.09 - 12:13pm
Thanx nick, monarch for welcoming me. en hi endtimes? may God's blessings be upon His pple most abundantly. Praise Jesus *

fursa 1.11.09 - 06:12pm
Hey Bail... so good to hv u here... yeah go ahead n post some poetry... start a poets corner... Hey to Madmehug.GIF Mona.. *

kunal_up 3.11.09 - 05:16pm
I am Kunal hehe as my nick suggest ... M 22yrs ... Its not important for me which religion m having by birth ... I follow means my family respects n follows all three religions ... I just finished my engg from a christian college ... Now I'm studying for cometative exams ... I want to be govt officer *

fursa 5.11.09 - 06:54pm
Kunal... I hope u will find somthing gr8 here man don hesitate to come here my friend... Am happy u came herehurray.GIF *

iilmadme 5.11.09 - 09:23pm
wave.GIF hi kunal n bail,nice to meet u :) *

iilmadme 5.11.09 - 09:26pm
hug.GIF hi fursa,mona,nick n evryone x *

monarch5 6.11.09 - 12:55am
God bless u alllove3.GIFGod is so good, all the time God is so good *

fursa 6.11.09 - 03:50am
Hey Madmehug.GIF... Mona *

monarch5 6.11.09 - 08:57pm
How r u this beautiful day?sun.GIFi am happy God loves me. This world is such a confusing place. Being tested of my faith is so not fair. I praise God, he knows me and i am righteous b4 him. Have a great day! *

kunal_up 7.11.09 - 03:38am
Thx for ur welcome guys ... *

monarch5 9.11.09 - 01:43pm
hug.GIFkunal *

lost.guy 22.11.09 - 12:15pm
hi im paul, i was looking for a group like this. im non religious though but my family are christian, i feel lost in the world these days so i thought maybe to spend abit of time with christians may have a healing effect lol maybe. im trying to get myself out of the dark hole i fell in to years ago :/ *

wjd 22.11.09 - 05:24pm
welcome paul. I think i'm a bit lost as well. nothing makes much sense 2 me at the moment and i'm scared I might get totaly lost! anywayz I hope u find your way quickly bro. God Bless... *

monarch5 23.11.09 - 07:00pm
Amenpray.GIFwhen lost u pray, then when you find ur way, u pray and rejoice. God loves us first@ then we find redemption in him. Praise our good Lord, Father God. Amen. Have a very blessed thanksgiving all. We have alot to be thankfull for. What are you thankful for? *

lost.guy 23.11.09 - 08:40pm
when u try to get the story u realise the devil uses fear to gain control, how many times have i heard of devil mocking christ at a time 3am in the morning. can jesus survive? lol.GIF *

samperu 29.12.09 - 07:44pm
Praise the lord! I am samperu from kajiado kenya am born again and i love God has he love me a student 4 theo love to join body of christ all over the world 2 share the gospel. *

fursa 29.12.09 - 07:59pm
Karibu Samperu... hop tht u wil b blessed with us n be a blessing to this family.thanks.GIF *

oubaas 30.12.09 - 07:15am
mfQI7URjWeUzY5hPvFaL.gif *

rider13 23.07.10 - 09:42pm
Is this group still open and active ? n1ck inbox me please, I am back and want to help if needed again. *

endtimes 24.07.10 - 05:21am
i can still feel a pulse sisi maybe we cn give the groups an injection crazydoc.GIF *

rider13 24.07.10 - 02:53pm
But it seems to be very weak pulse here and everywhere. So discouraging isn't it? *

endtimes 25.07.10 - 07:21am
it is sisi ambulance.GIF *

4thelord 26.07.10 - 05:36pm
Even n1ck has not posted here in a long time. *

oubaas 26.07.10 - 06:36pm
Sadly all the groups gone quiet because of some troublemakers. *

bail 27.07.10 - 08:17am
Let the spirit go on for n1ck ignited it. *

endtimes 29.07.10 - 08:42am
Amen to that! *

hischild 20.08.10 - 02:41am
hi my tag was acts238 my real name is shelby dove. i am JESUS name pentecostal also known as apostolic or oneness. that simply means we believe JESUS is GOD manifested in flesh. and we believe in baptizing in JESUS name. im also an ordained minister and a single mom *

oubaas 20.08.10 - 07:04am
Hi Shelby. Welcome to the group. *

hischild 20.08.10 - 11:48am
hi gabriel,i seen a picture of your grandson over at fb. you have adorable grandchildren,you should feel blessed *

oubaas 20.08.10 - 01:39pm
Thank you Shelby. Yes I really feel blessed. The older one is 4 years old today. *

guapum 2.08.11 - 12:20am
My name Is Christopher, I am a Christian, I am quite fundalmental in my beliefs, I am a former Rominst (Catholic) I am now a hardline Protestant. I adhere to the Holy Bible as my sole authority on God and what He has to say about Himself and His creation. Sola Scriptura! I do not compromise truth for the sake of any offence of feelings. I am from Indianapolis Indiana, U.S.A But now live in Savannah Georgia, I am married to my lovely wife and my best friend, a strong Christian woman. I have two healthy and beautiful children, my daughter Is four and my son Is three mts old. I am a Indianapolis Colts fan (American football) and I enjoy watching movies, reading, and collecting Transformers action figures. *

endtimes 5.08.11 - 07:55am
Welcome to this group guapum,
i pray that u will be blessed by the topics. Feel free to comment on posts and start ur own topics *

shamaras 29.09.11 - 04:03am

cugu 15.06.12 - 04:11am
Hello all. Am cugu frm kenya, born again, a student and am glad i joined. God bless u all. *

nerie 6.07.12 - 03:38am
blessings to all the overcomers here!
im Nira saved by from Phils but an overseas worker here in Malaysia, a muslim country. im recently attending a baptist church here. i used to teach kids on our church back home and hoping and praying ill get a chance also here. i love reading books by Philip Yancey and currently reading Florence Bulle's.
have ups and downs but God is faithful and restoring working out my salvation by putting my faith on Jesus not to Nira..
its nice to be here..may you all be blessed.know that you are all loved. xx *

phlamex 15.06.14 - 04:54pm
Hi my name is Philip and u can also call me phlames and i am a good Christian and i also have a religious group like this and i am interested in religious issues especially Christianity jst ask me anything and i will try to help you .. Thanks bye *

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