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Subject: Introduce Yourself
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n1ck 7.04.08 - 04:29pm
Introduce yourself to everybody here. Tell us your real name (if you want to) and what religion you follow and what your beliefs are. Even tell us a little about yourself: its nice to keep it friendly and would be nice if we all knew a little more about each other. *

n1ck 7.04.08 - 04:34pm
I will start. I am Nick (of-course) and I am a Christian. I believe Jesus Christ is God in the flesh, and I believe He died for our sins on the cross to save us from eternal suffering and death - if you repent and believe He will give you eternal life! I am 27 years old, I play premier league club cricket, I love watching rugby (go Sharks!) and Formula 1 (go Kimi!). I am an area branch manager for an international steel company, and my goal is to grow my own company to a point where I can resign from my day job by the end of this year! Ok your turn... *

bhabes4u 7.04.08 - 04:38pm
Hi hello to all my brother's and sister's here I'm Shay Geronimo aka bhabes im a Christian i love learning the Word of God i spend much time here on wap especially in forum im friendly i love laughing i talk to much hehe i love also spending time alone reading the Bible. God is my life the reason for everything in my life. I believe in Him the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. :-) GOD BLESS US ALL!!!! *

n1ck 7.04.08 - 05:10pm
Hey Shay! hurray.GIF *

2blessed 7.04.08 - 05:49pm
Hi nocy vumindaba frm king williams town south africa.oh iv given myself another name a born again christian,im a joint heir with a chemistry student at walter sisulu university n im God fearing. *

bhabes4u 7.04.08 - 05:54pm
Yay! hifive.GIF nick May God bless be yours..... *

blingish 7.04.08 - 05:57pm
Im from pietermaritzburg South Africa. I just completed my 3rd yr in Architectural Technology n Im Graduating dis year. Thank u Lord 4 helping me through these years. Witout u, none of it wud b possible. *

endtimes 7.04.08 - 07:00pm
Hi ewwybody, my name is Coeleen 43 i think can't always remember, i am fulltime wife, mom and granma, have 2 married daughters and a active son of 5, have to grandsons aged 3 years, youngest 6 months. My hobbies are painting pictures, i am child of God for 7 years, backslidden inbetween, but by the Lord's grace He came pulled me out of the ditches more than once. I am a nail technician but dont do any business at present. I spend most of my time here and in agape and godsmessage to post teachings on Word of God, mostly message of the Endtimes, then i do counsel people, giving encouragement etc. This is my passion to get the message of God out here and there. I am mostly homebound and wap is my only way at present to minister to people. I have a sertificate in christian ministry and doctrines. I love humour and all my buds on wap. Im peace loving and most of all, i love our Lord Jesus and i want to glorify Him in everything i am, say, think, wear, write and do. *

n1ck 8.04.08 - 08:37am
Hey my sister in Christ, Endtimes! Warm welcomes to you and to blingish and to 2blessed. Thanks for joining - I hope all will feel at home here. *

budman 8.04.08 - 09:01am
Hey everybody, my names jake from chicopee massachusetts, im a recovering atheist, who wants god in my life, but i dont know how or where to find him. And to show respect to n1ck and all of you, i will be on my best behavior in your group, thanx to all *

endtimes 8.04.08 - 09:03am
thank you nick, im happy to be here to learn and share the word of God. triodance.GIF *

endtimes 8.04.08 - 09:05am
glad to have you here budman shake.GIF *

6j0 12.04.08 - 01:00am
wave.GIF hi every1.
Im Johan 47, South Africa, white, boilermaker.

And ye who is the KING of all kings? Ye ye! Thats it JESUS CHRIST OF NAZARETH.

Thanks nick 4 invite me. KEEP IT UP BRO.
U doin a good job 4 the kingdom of GOD.
watchout for this hand. xphilx.GIF hehehehe! *

6j0 12.04.08 - 01:10am
O YE! Just an reminder.

ai.gif WHO EVER U ARE *

mrsms 21.04.08 - 08:32am
Hi everyone,am Sive most of my friends call me SMS,am turning 19 this year,from East London,am a born again child of God,I love the Lord,He is everything to me,I read alot and my favourite book of all is the Word of God,I thank the Lord for meeting all born again's here on wap.haha,I laugh alot and enjoy joking,also if you are a christian and not at my budlist,what are you waiting for,lol,bud request me.Hey Nicky-lson,thanks for that invite my bro.ha ha *

gbopp 21.04.08 - 11:28am
Hi everyone bike2.GIF my name is Graeme and i live in Perth West Australia. I work as a milko and my Church is called Victory Life Centre in the suburb of Osborne Park, Perth. I've done volunteer work in street ministry and am currently with the worship team at Church involved in multi media. I enjoy my life in peace with Jesus Christ. God bless you all. prayers angel.GIF *

kdaisy 24.04.08 - 12:50am
Hello Everyone.... from Cape Town South Africa. I am a 35yr old stay-at-home mom to a wonderful 15yr old gentleman. Dec.2004 a miraculous thing happened to me.... I met Jesus. He came and cleanly lifted me right out of hell's grip and I WANTED to be saved! Glory!! Several months later, my son and fiance also became born-again, one of my brothers renewed his faith in Jesus and my other brother is mentioning his desire to receive Jesus as his Lord and Saviour but he says he's still a bit scared...please pray for him. Several months before me, my dad had received and accepted the Trinity. We are like sponges, soaking up and soaking in of and from Jesus and the Holy Spirit, and ultimately on Home to our Father, our God. God is moving and people are hungry, praise You, Lord Jesus!! In His Grip, in His Service, inJesus, kingsdaisy... :-) xx *

endtimes 24.04.08 - 07:11am
what an awesome testimony! just the right thing to lift our spirits early in the morning! God bless you, Kings daisy! happy.GIF *

kdaisy 25.04.08 - 06:28am
Dankie @ endtimes hi3.GIF . . God is Faithful!! Hallelujah! xx *

waittiki 26.04.08 - 07:24am
Hello everyone and hi n1ck.Me names Joseph Kinuthia waittiki and am just a tea farmer.My friends call me old man ha ha,but am not that old really.Am a self bible student and i love the word of God.Thanks n1ck and God bless you all with the knowledge of his word. *

mrsms 3.05.08 - 08:03pm
Nice to have u here Mr Waitikkihug.GIF. *

endtimes 4.05.08 - 11:17am
welcome here waittiki! hug.GIF *

drromana 21.05.08 - 06:31am
Hi. My name is Lyn & I live in Lafayette, Indiana. Im a criminal Justice student & a stay at home mom. Im a Christian woman who loves the Lord. He blessed me with a gift to write and I write poetry. Im currently working on a children's series too. Im fairly new to prodigits & hope to return a lot of Christian brothers & sisters. God bless you all. *

n1ck 21.05.08 - 07:53am
Hi Lyn, and welcome to the group! hug.GIF Its great to have another sister in Christ with us. We would love to see some of your poetry if you care to post it. Feel free to post topics, this group is your group as much as ours. We can all learn something from each other. God bless. *

drromana 21.05.08 - 10:18am
Thank you. You are welcome to join my poetry groups. I would be happy to post here. God bless you *

endtimes 22.05.08 - 07:41am
Hi lyn and welcome here hug.GIF i also love poetry, would love to join ur poetry groups! dani2.GIF *

drromana 22.05.08 - 12:48pm
you would be very welcome in my groups. *

endtimes 25.05.08 - 10:56am
thank you hug.GIF *

rider13 31.05.08 - 10:30pm
hello.GIF My name is Deb. I live in the USA state of Georgia. I'm saved by Gods grace! Hallelujah! I have a group ATTHECROSS and also moderate at several other christian groups. I am glad to be here among friends! *

n1ck 1.06.08 - 05:42am
Thanks for joining Rider, our first member from the USA i think! :-) *

n1ck 1.06.08 - 05:45am
This group was created to reach out to the lost. So if anybody knows of somebody that has questions, or if you are ministering to somebody who is lost, feel free to invite them here and see such topics as How To Be Saved and Assurance of Salvation. By God's grace I pray many lost souls will be won for God here. God bless you all. *

enryu 14.06.08 - 10:52pm
duno what on earth im doing here lol i mean i dont fully agree with everything thing here. anyway im gaz and 24 male in uk. i play keyboard, piano and guitar. i do woodwork and also like gaming on my playstation 3. im at a searching kind of moment, ya kno. so im exploring many beliefs and becoming friends with many, this way u kind of taste what they about. i try go by 'feeling' and maybe in good time i get led to a true path that i feel is right. *

n1ck 15.06.08 - 07:28am
Hey Gaz its about time you joined my group buddy lol.GIF . Thanks for coming. You might not agree with everything you see right now, but read through the topics and see if something you didnt agree with before makes a little more sense now. Its great to have you here bud. Feel free to make topics as often as you like and ask as many questions as you can! hifive.GIF *

rider13 15.06.08 - 08:38am
welcome.GIF enryu! We are a friendly caring people here. who will answer your questions to the best we can and backit up with the Bible. We are here to help, not hurt! *

paulster 18.06.08 - 08:29am
Just saying hello dudes. *

paulster 18.06.08 - 08:35am
Oh im 26 and lives in the uk.. I dont really follow any religion. I just say God bless to people and be kind Lol I used to be skeptical but now a bit more intrested in religions and beliefs. *

endtimes 18.06.08 - 08:41pm
Enryue and paulster, thank you for joining our group, a warm welcome to both of you, we are all here to learn and to help welcome.GIF *

rider13 19.06.08 - 10:43am
Welcome enryu and paulster. There is much you can learn here by reading the topics. I have you in my prayers! *

drakess9 24.06.08 - 12:14am
Hi everyone.I was invited to come along here by enyru.My nickname is Jai.My real name Carol.I am a christian of future frontiers group of fellowship in the U.K.A very modern approach to christianity parallel with pentecostal.Our fellowship is simple worship modern and pro active in christ name to minister and work with through action to help in the community and missionary abroad.We have a large growing membership in my church of 200 plus of every age walk and so on.The youth which is awesome are very pro active in my church.Ok more on me.Im a married Mam of 4 youngsters.3 lads 1 gal.Lads 23 19 11.Gal 21.My Hub is David whose my youngster Step Dad and a amasing male role model to my youngsters whom they respect and get on with my Hub.I love to cook garden read.I am studying the Greek language and want to take further religious studies.Kefelonia Greek islands is our spiritual home.We do travel alot.Oh and im football mad 4th generation Villa fan living in the U.K.x.I minister through womens abuse addiction and the agency threads.I was born again 5 plus year ago and its been a gradual journey of growth in christ.Think that will do for now.Hello all *

rider13 25.06.08 - 12:00am
Hi drakess9! Glad to see you here.Thanks for your postings here as well. God bless you my friend! *

n1ck 27.06.08 - 01:47pm
hifive.GIF A great big welcome to all who have recently joined the group! Its great to have you all here. I hope you will all feel free to post topics, questions, links etc. Dont forget the polls! banana.GIF *

jazzmin7 28.06.08 - 11:23am
Hi my name is Jasmine. I'm a Spirit filled christain and looking for fellowship with others that love the Lord. *

n1ck 28.06.08 - 06:30pm
Hi Jazzmin, its great to have you join us in fellowship here. Feel free to contribute to the group and share in whichever way the Spirit guides you. hug.GIF *

endtimes 29.06.08 - 09:41pm
Amen, welcome drakess and jazmin hurray.GIF glad that u joined us here. *

n1ck 21.11.08 - 02:02pm
Dont forget to sign in smile.GIF *

talkmore 21.11.08 - 03:38pm
Hello am talkmore my name am macmellen l am the born again christian, am born by the spirit and am wash by the blood of Jesus Christ. *

iilmadme 22.11.08 - 11:54am
hi evryone,n thanks nick..ive been searching the meantime im tryin to learn stuff n keep my mind busy...all i want is honesty,all i can be is me :) im 37,female in uk *

n1ck 23.11.08 - 12:52pm
hey talkmore and illmadme! What a pleasure to have you here as members. Illmadme, I can assure you that you will find only honesty and integrity from the admin here. Its a privilege to have you here, feel free to express yourself and explore anything which you think are mysteries! Who knows, someone might just be able to answer smile.GIF *

airwalkr 24.11.08 - 05:34pm
do i have to? *

n1ck 25.11.08 - 04:25am
its. just a suggestion hehe.GIF *

mp5n 30.11.08 - 12:30am
hi im william, 26 male in the uk. i found this group i thought i'd pop in to take alook at your gossip lol im not religious as such but rather skeptical and i have my reasons, wont go into that cause i'll end up hurting peoples feelings. i recently trying to figure out Islam said to be a true path but the hater's and media are making them muslims look bad so i try to give some credit to them as they do get rather ''attacked'' in religion forum u gota admit that. well hi to christians lol hope u nice to me haha! we might get along. *

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