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Subject: any still here lol
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enryu 22.02.10 - 11:03pm
i still pop back at times to check things but lately its not that active at here. anyone still lurking? lol.GIF *

n1ck 23.02.10 - 01:20pm
hey dude, I also don't come here anymore (semi retired from Prodigits) but thought I would pop in quick for a look around. There are still moderators in charge though. I trust you are doing well? *

iilmadme 23.02.10 - 08:12pm
wave.GIF hiya u guys,i miss u.Hope evrythin's goin well for u x *

enryu 24.02.10 - 10:00pm
hey i went to facebook for ages but that got cr*p lately u see, so i decided to pop back to prodigits. *

enryu 24.02.10 - 10:04pm
i did delete my acount here, but got it back again lol cant have anyone pinching my name yea. any old buds wana add me again thats up to u. man alot of the people i knew here have left site and stayed at facebook. *

oubaas 1.03.10 - 12:54pm
Yes enryu I agree with you. I dont like fb at all lol.GIF *

n1ck 4.03.10 - 07:27pm
I hate Farmville. Irritating!!!! punch.GIF *

iilmadme 6.03.10 - 02:05am
I cudnt fathom facebook out at all Lol *

6j0 8.03.10 - 05:39pm
hi guys. Well yes fb i use to get the gospel out, i add my family, not realy chat there, now and again i pop in and just write a note, this way my family in fb get the WORD OF GOD, HEHEHEHE! thumbsup.GIF *

oubaas 16.03.10 - 12:07pm
Hi Johan! Great! How are you doing? *

jadin_17 22.03.10 - 04:44pm
Hey guys, im still around and still going strong, ive also been away for a while,
Lifes been hecticly busy lately, take care guys *

oubaas 5.05.10 - 01:21pm
Hi Jadin. Thank you. God Bless! *

endtimes 22.05.10 - 08:55am
I hate Farmville too. Not crazi bout fb but gud tool to get Gods message out and keep in contact with family nd lost friends. Im still at pro but many has deserted pro looking_for.GIF *

oubaas 22.05.10 - 12:58pm
Yes they desert because of all the attacks against christians especially in the forums at Prodigits. *

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