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Subject: Message from Owner
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n1ck 6.01.10 - 08:59pm
Hi all! I haven't been here for quite some time now, I trust all are well and being blessed this new year! *

n1ck 6.01.10 - 09:01pm
there are a few reasons I decided to take a step back from Prodigits for a while, some personal, some divinely inspired. *

n1ck 6.01.10 - 09:04pm
I will sadly not be frequenting this site for some time to come still as I focus my attention on other projects and places. *

wjd 6.01.10 - 09:04pm
Hi nick, I'm doin' well thanx. having a good start this year, I hope it'll b a better year. hope you're well and have a blessed 2010. *

n1ck 6.01.10 - 09:06pm
However, all of you are never far from my thoughts and prayers, and if ever you need to contact me, you can e-mail me at *

n1ck 6.01.10 - 09:09pm
thank you wjd, may this be a year of great learning for you. *

n1ck 6.01.10 - 09:13pm
Please take note that this does NOT mean this group is closing. Please continue to support the group and each other, and there are great moderators - the best in Prodigits - looking after the group in my absence. May God bless each of you. Cheers. *

monarch5 16.01.10 - 02:22pm
God Bless youpray.GIF *

bail 4.02.10 - 09:15am
We are with you nick in spirit and may whatever you are undertaking be blessed by our Lord Jesus. *

oubaas 1.03.10 - 12:55pm
reading2.GIF *

endtimes 22.05.10 - 08:50am
looking_for.GIF *

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