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Subject: 2O1O
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fursa 31.12.09 - 06:32pm
Brothere n sisters... It is the beginin of a nu year n decade... I pray we will all hv nu begnins n grace to face nuness *

fursa 31.12.09 - 06:37pm
I bless the Lord tht He bgun the good work n wil take it 2 d end in Christ Jesus... NO MATTER WHAT! *

iilmadme 31.12.09 - 08:19pm
Amen fursa x hope evryone has a great new year x *

ur_fairy 13.01.10 - 12:21pm
I m a new member here......
Fursa Happy New Year 2010.......


monarch5 13.01.10 - 02:58pm
Happy New Year to allhug.GIFmay you be Blessed with an abundance of *joy* peace* happiness* *

iilmadme 14.01.10 - 09:09am
Welcome to the group,ur_fairy wave.GIF *

fursa 14.01.10 - 05:03pm
Hey fairy... good to see u here... hope u wil hv fun n get to learn much... Happy nu year...2u too *

ur_fairy 15.09.10 - 08:29am
iilmadme n fursa... Thank u so much hug.GIF *

ur_fairy 15.09.10 - 08:30am
monarch5.. Same to U... Sorry for my delay frndz.. Bye flower.GIF *

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