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Subject: michael
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lost.guy 28.11.09 - 03:10pm
hi. arch angel michael is the warrior angel with a sword to clear area of negative spirits right? but the 2nd coming of jesus christ may end up like devil vs jesus lol.GIF how is michael going to feel when jesus is slaying demons? michael kind of loses his role there dont u think? *

jadin_17 30.11.09 - 04:56pm
Theres no need for Jesus to slay the devil, or any other demonic power.Jesus is infinately greater than the devil, they will just tremble at His feet confessing that He is Lord, thats what they did the last time He was here. *

wjd 1.12.09 - 11:55am
Amen Bro! Jesus more power over them then their own master! *

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