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Subject: exorcism
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lost.guy 22.11.09 - 07:10pm
hi, do exorcisms still happen today or is it a thing of the past? *

canuck 25.11.09 - 04:33am
God Never Changes. He Is The Same Yesterday Today And Forever. Go Back And Report What You See... The Blind Receive Sight. The Lame Walk. Those With Disease Are Cured. The Deaf Hear. The Dead Are Raised. And The Good News Is Preached To The Poor. Acts 3 It Is Jesus Name And The Faith That Comes Through Him That Gives Complete Healing. *

lost.guy 28.11.09 - 02:22pm
its said u hear messed up voices and change in body movement and that u would not actually be dealing with the person, but be dealing with a foul spirit. *

flaky05 13.12.09 - 06:19am
lost.guy, yes exorcisms still happen today and there are more possions than you think. *

shamaras 3.05.12 - 11:22pm
Exercism exists but like JESUS cast them out Mark5:8-13 there are no rituals. *

endtimes 8.06.18 - 08:20am
Yes it still happens. *

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