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Subject: mirror mirror
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mjully 16.11.09 - 01:02pm
my people serve me with words but their hearts r very far from u know God or u know about God? every day as u look in a mirror to make sure ur the most handsome/beautiful make sure you look at ur soul also is,can it be the best before God? if God took a walk in my life now as he did in the garden of Eden would He see anything good? *

bail 22.11.09 - 04:11pm
God forbid if we are filthy b4 His eyes! my soul cries that we find favour in our Father's eyes! lets fight for this! *

iilmadme 28.11.09 - 03:42am
There seems to be a lot of arrogance in the world *

samperu 16.01.10 - 11:49am
As a christian we should be alike with our God like the image in the mirror alike the real owner *

monarch5 16.01.10 - 02:19pm
When i look in the mirror, i see what God wants me to be. A good person, being the best i can be. I look for only for more growth and grace from Him. Jesus. Amenhug.GIF *

endtimes 22.05.10 - 08:59am
Remember that no man can be pure and sinless. That is why Jesus came to pay our penalty. When He looks at you He sees you through the cleansing blood of Jesus. We live by Grace. *

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