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Subject: Betrayal: my confession
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bail 6.11.09 - 05:45am
Its very painful when u are betrayed by s'one whom u hv trusted, sincerely loved without prejudices. We humans potray *

bail 6.11.09 - 05:52am
our feelings with hardness forgeting how much more our Lord Jesus wd hv let Himself hurt when Judas betrayed Him and *

bail 6.11.09 - 06:02am
Peter denied Him. bt our Lord is passionate en merciful and wishes humanity good even those who persecuted Him. *

bail 6.11.09 - 06:09am
This juz humbles me and i forget my hard feelings to those who hurt me. I was hurt by my nephew whom I loved so much but *

bail 6.11.09 - 06:14am
he betrayed me! I thought I wd never forgive him but the works of Lord Jesus juz humble me to love even the more! *

bail 6.11.09 - 06:26am
Let's stop being selfish esp those of us who know God. Like Jesus commands lets lov even our enemies & dis wil change em *

fursa 9.11.09 - 02:26pm
Wen we realize tht we r forgiven; we eill forgive EVEN in wen we r hard hit *

mjully 13.11.09 - 02:45pm
you know what i embrace challenges with laughter coz i always come out stronger than before its just lyk using the stones my enemies throw at me to build my foundation.when they slap one side turn the other side.revenge belongs to God. *

bail 19.11.09 - 01:44pm
Thanks fursa and mjully for your words of encouragement. God bless. *

fursa 19.11.09 - 03:09pm
Sure Bail... forgiveness does u more good than d 1 we r forgivin. Allow me to share a personal story. On Christmas day *

fursa 19.11.09 - 03:13pm
Of 2003 my elder bro ws murdered in a bar brawl. After he was confirmed dead I ws with the bro of d guy who stabbed him *

fursa 19.11.09 - 03:17pm
I gathered the ppl with us n we held hands n I prayed in pain n tears. I forgave d guy n askd my relatives not to revnge *

fursa 19.11.09 - 03:19pm
Then I cald d bro n said on bhlf of yo bro n family I forgive u all. D followin day this guy took d cops to his bro *

fursa 19.11.09 - 03:22pm
@ d hearin my sis n I askd to see him... we told him we forgave him n hoped tht he wld find God thro this... His case ws *

fursa 19.11.09 - 03:26pm
Reduced to manslaughter n sent away 4 two years... today this guy is born again n with a family... this story is told in *

fursa 19.11.09 - 03:29pm
In our area n they r tlkin it is bcz we r saved... the otherp side of d coin is mny ppl cald me a coward n family mmbers *

fursa 19.11.09 - 03:33pm
insisted on revenge bt my sis n I stood or grounds. God has used a sad situation as a testimony of His lov n mercy *

bail 20.11.09 - 08:20pm
U know what fursa, though this is saddening, u and ua sis are true hero en heroine! may God comfort you dear ones! *

fursa 21.11.09 - 02:24pm
AMEN! God has n is usin it Bail. *

omer321 21.11.09 - 04:15pm
betrayal hurts when u expect sum1 to be true n he dosen responds in kindnes. look hw many blesings God has given us n we dunt thank. who created the sun to keep us warm who created the moon, mountains and trees for us to benefit frm them if we remember His blesings we wil be gud to our felow beings and forgiv them.

iilmadme 21.11.09 - 07:12pm
It shows courage to face ur loss n forgive,i admire those who can do that *

monarch5 16.01.10 - 02:30pm
Amen@lilmadme and amen@fursa amen and amencry2.GIF *

bail 28.01.10 - 01:12pm
Sure indeed Amen.(grief) *

bail 28.01.10 - 01:12pm
Sure indeed Amen!(grief) *

bail 28.01.10 - 01:12pm
Sure indeed Amen.(grief) *

monarch5 1.08.10 - 02:27pm
In my long ago past life, i hurt ppl, i didnt know i was hurting anyone. I had been hurt by those that raised me, and took it out on others. I found God and God found me. Halleluah. I was able to 4give. But some could not 4give me and still live in hatred and anger toward me. I have done all i can, to change it. I am hurt by it. What do i do? Just let these family members go? Never talk to them again? They profess to be christian. I dont see it *

iilmadme 2.08.10 - 01:19am
hug.GIF mona,all u can do is ur best to make things right n hope that sum day they will forgive x *

bail 6.10.10 - 07:39pm
Pray 4 them afterall nobody is perfect except 4 God. They r forgeting they too err in one way or another en will need forgiveness too. Pray without ceasing and show them love: it will compel them. *

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